We are pleased to announce that along with our Exclusive Media Partner, 401(k) Specialist Magazine, we will deliver this year’s exceptional agenda content through a live & on-demand series, the 2020 Excel 401(k) Digital Series.

Registration Details

Live sessions will occur DAILY (Monday - Friday) at 3:30pm ET. Completed sessions will be added to the on-demand library immediately after the conclusion of the live stream.


  1. Attendees register for the full series at www.excel401k.com. (As a speaker you are automatically registered)

  2. Registrants will receive emails every Thursday with information on the sessions that will take place the following week. This email will contain links for them to RSVP for the sessions.

  3. Session registrants will receive emails upon registration, 1 hour prior, and 5 minutes before the live session with an access link for the webinar room. 

  4. During the live recording, attendees can chat, ask questions, complete polls, and download deliverables. At completion, your session will also be available for viewing on-demand.

  5. We will send you a report of who attended your session 24-48 hours after completion.


Check out of 5 minute sample on-demand webinar explaining the series and providing best practices for your session.

Excel 401(k) Digital Series - Speaker Tutorial Webinar

Presentation Prep Checklist

  1. Click Here to view LiveStorm best practices guide.

  2. Must use a computer (Ipad/Phone will not work for these purposes).

  3. Check your connectivity and give microphone and webcam permission.

  4. Click here to complete a speed test. You will need a minimum of 5mbps, although 15mbps is recommended.

  5. Close out of all unnecessary apps and notifications on your computer.

  6. Have something nearby where you can keep an eye on the time. The webinar will end promptly at the determined end time. 

  7. Ensure you are in a quiet location with good lighting and clear background. 

  8. Silence your phone. 

  9. Use the session access link to enter the webinar room 15 minutes prior to your session start time. 

  10. Have any materials you plan to screen share prepared. 

Speaker FAQ's

  • Will all Excel 401(k) attendees be registered for my session?

    • No, by registering for the Excel 401(k) Digital Series the attendees will receive weekly emails to select their sessions. 

  • Will I receive a report of who attended my session live?

    • Yes! You will receive a report of who attended your live session 24-48 hours after the conclusion. 

  • Where can I view the full Excel 401(k) Series Digital Series registration list?

    • Click here to view the full registration list. Use the password provided in your intro email, if you need the password please email kaitlyn@advisor2x.com.

  • Will someone be available to assist with technical issues? ​

    • An Advisor2X staff member will be on your session (no visible to attendees) to assist.

  • How can I interact with attendees? 

    • There are several ways to interact! The chat feature allows attendees to provide comments to you or other attendees. The questions function allows attendees to post a question or vote on an existing question to be answered. We have a polling option that we can provide. And furthermore, you can screen share, provide downloadable PDF's, or provide web links.

  • Can I use a PowerPoint? ​

    • Certainly! You can provide these to us in advance and we can load them into the session OR you can screen share in the session to display your presentation. Please note that all materials for download in the session must be in PDF format. ​

  • What happens if I lose connection during the session?​

    • ​Our team will take over the session and invite you back onto the stage as soon as your connection is reestablished. ​​

Presentation Template

Select below to download a PowerPoint template that can be used at the start of your presentation.


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Marketing Text/Email Marketing Templates

Sample Text

No mask. No middle seat. No social distancing.

Nearly 70 sessions created by an all-advisor steering committee.

Register once for access to the entire series. Watch sessions live (one per day) or access the on-demand recordings at your convenience.

And best of all…it’s all complimentary


By downloading the registration list, you agree 1) not to share, loan, distribute or sell the list to any other party, including any partners, vendors, or commonly held companies 2) not to send more than five (5) total emails promoting the EXCEL 401(K) DIGITAL SERIES or any of its sessions during the duration of the virtual event or the immediate preceding weeks and 3) to follow all federal and state laws regarding email usage. 

Use the password provided to access report. 

Email kaitlyn@advisor2x.com to request access.


Report Download Instructions 

Select the menu, download as a CSV.